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Useful Tips On Cleaning Windows In Winter

Having to force yourself out of your cosy property to clean windows over the colder months is never fun. However, it is a necessary maintenance task to keep windows in good working order. To ensure that you can keep your windows free from dirt and grime over the festive period, we have put together some useful tips on cleaning windows in Winter. Our tips will help you to complete the task quickly and effectively, making it just that little more manageable!

Why Is Cleaning Windows In Winter Important?

Windows remain a vital component of any property, both commercial and domestic, yet are often overlooked when it comes to regular maintenance. We all ensure that we hoover carpets and dust surfaces to avoid the build-up of dirt and debris, so why should we leave windows months on end without any form of cleaning? While it may seem considerably more tedious to ensure that windows remain sparkling clean, ensuring that you take time to carry out regular maintenance around the house, does come alongside an array of benefits; including the following:

  • Stay Hygenic – First and foremost, the most significant advantage of keeping windows clean is that you can improve the hygiene of your property. With time, a lot of dust, dirt and grime can begin to accumulate, both on the inside and outside of windows. Allowing dirt to build-up will not only look unappealing but will also start to impact the health of those inside the property. The air quality will begin to decrease, which can lead to respiratory problems and increased illnesses. This causes particular problems over the colder months when immune systems drop and people are more susceptible to picking up viruses.
  • Boosts Efficiency – Over the Winter, it is more important than ever to keep your home cosy and reduce the amount of heat loss. When windows have not been cleaned, the dirt can begin to accumulate on both the surface and inside pores. This reflects any UV rays which attempt to stream into your home, meaning that you can no longer make use of the suns natural, free source of heat.
  • Prevents Glass Damage – While glass may look as if it is a solid pane, it is actually incredibly porous meaning that it can pick up dirt, dust and debris. The collection of dirt, over time, will not only start to make the glass fragile but also impact the transparency. You can tell when the glass is beginning to pick up too much dirt as you will be able to see pigmented spots on the surface.
  • Improved First Impression – First impressions count, which means that it is vital to ensure that the exterior of your property is a good representation of what is inside. Ensuring that you regularly clean windows will help your property to maintain an immaculate appearance.
  • Avoids Costly Repairs – Although panes fitted to window frames are made from toughened glass, they can become fragile if left unmaintained. In spending time to keep your windows in good working condition, you can dramatically lengthen their lifespan. This, in return, will help you to avoid costly repair and replacement fees.

With the above benefits of regular window maintenance in mind, it is essential to schedule time at least every three months to thoroughly clean both the interior and exterior. Particularly over the Winter months, it is vital to protect your home against damage. Using our extensive experience in window cleaning services in Milton Keynes, here we run through our expert tips on how to clean windows during the colder months.

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Invest In The Right Equipment

Window cleaning will always take a little extra elbow grease; however, the process can be made considerably quicker if you have invested in the right equipment. When embarking in any form of cleaning during the Winter, it is vital to keep in mind that, particularly when temperatures drop, covering your windows in a thick layer of water risks freezing and cracking. Instead, an easy and super cost-effective alternative is to use a spray bottle filled with water. If you schedule cleaning for a particularly frosty day, then you could consider adding a small amount of windshield cleaner to your water as this will prevent it from freezing as quickly.

Along with a spray bottle, to maximise the finish on your windows, we also suggest picking up a squeegee and microfibre cloth. A squeegee is equipped with a flat, smooth rubber blade which allows you to clean with ease. It means that you can wipe away the water and cleaning solution section by section. A microfibre cloth, on the other hand, can be used in the final stages to wipe away any smudges for a seamless finish.

In addition to cleaning equipment, you must also consider whether you will need a ladder. If so, then it is imperative to take extra care to avoid placing ladders on any puddles or icy surfaces. Always ensure that you enlist a helping hand to hold the ladder while you use it so that it doesn’t become unsteady.

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Begin With Dusting

Before you start cleaning, don’t forget to dust both the frames and glass on all windows. The last thing you want to do is begin cleaning to find that you are wiping dirt all over your windows, making them ten times dirtier than when you started. To remove dust from the interior of windows, begin by using a brush or hoover to remove any large particles before using a cloth to get into any small contours. If you notice that the window appears particularly grimy, then you may want to consider dipping a soft brush in soapy, lukewarm water to remove the stubborn upper layer.

When dusting windows, don’t forget to clean the exterior as well as the inside. Particularly during colder periods with lots of rainfall and frost, a layer of dirt will begin to accumulate. Rain is often filled with debris, which, when frozen and then melted, will create a layer of particles over your windows.

Always Dress Warm

While it may seem obvious, if you’re planning to give your windows a little extra TLC, then don’t forget to return the favour to yourself. Always ensure that you are wrapped up warm during cleaning to avoid catching a cold. As you will be using lots of water, we suggest investing in waterproof gloves to keep your hands cosy, along with waterproof boots to avoid water soaking through your shoes. The warmer that you are, the quicker you’ll be able to get the task done and can get back inside for a cup of tea!

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Reduce Water Spillages

Although it may be a little tricky, try to be extra careful when cleaning the exterior of windows to ensure that you do not spill too much water. Flooding the ground underneath windows during colder months risks freezing, which will create a layer of ice and a whole host of slipping hazards. Most exterior windows are positioned above walkways, whether this may be pedestrian pathways outside of your house or your garden at the back, so it is vital that you do not cause any accidents. If you do spill any water and the temperature is forecasted to drop, we recommend putting some rock salt over the flooded area to prevent freezing.

Use Cold Water

We understand that it sounds peculiar to use cold water to clean windows during cold weather, but trust us! Any other time of the year, you are free to use lukewarm water to give your windows a new lease of life, but always avoid this during the Winter. Why? Because due to the frosty outdoor air, the glass on windows will begin to drop in temperature. If you were then to start cleaning with lukewarm water, the extreme change in temperature would cause the glass to crack. Once even a small crack has formed on panes, it won’t be long before the entire window shatters, particularly if you allow the glass to freeze. Having to replaced a smashed window just before Christmas will always be worse than having to step out in the cold to clean!

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Opt For Alcohol-Based Cleaning Solution

To guarantee a spotless finish on all windows, always use an alcohol-based cleaning solution. Alcohol-based solutions are explicitly designed to effectively break up any dirt, debris and grime that may have build up on your windows. It means that you won’t have to use as much elbow grease to achieve sparkling clean windows. Cleaners made using alcohol-based ingredients will also stop the water from freezing straight away, avoiding streaks and droplet marks.

If you are hoping to use homemade alternatives to window cleaners to take a more ‘kind to nature’ approach, then using vinegar will work just as well. To create your homemade cleaner, simply mix one part water to one part distilled vinegar. Fill your spray bottle with the solution, and you’re ready to begin cleaning!

Clean On An Overcast Day

Cleaning windows should always be scheduled for an overcast day, regardless of the time of year. While it may seem a natural instinct to carry out any outdoor tasks on a bright, sunny day, this will never work towards your advantage when attempting to clean windows. During sunnier weather, there will be a reflection against the window, which can easily camouflage missed areas of dirt and streaks. It means that while your windows may look sparkling clean, it is more than likely that when you take a second glance when the sun has gone down, you will spot a whole host of sections that are not entirely clear. Opting for an overcast day means that you can ensure that windows have been thoroughly cleaned and you won’t have to worry about going back to them for a once over the following day.

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Enlist The Professionals

While it is always great to attempt property maintenance through DIY methods, in some cases, enlisting professionals will prove a quicker and more convenient alternative. The festive period is always incredibly busy, which means that there is often little time to schedule work around your property. Contacting a company who specialises in window cleaning will mean that there is one less task to tackle and you can guarantee that the finish will be of the highest quality.

If you are searching for reliable window cleaning in Milton Keynes, then do not hesitate to contact Far Reach. With years of experience working with both domestic and commercial clients, our trained technicians use the latest technology to achieve seamless results.

Keeping Your Property Spotless This Winter!

With our easy-to-follow tips, you are guaranteed streak-free, sparkling windows with every clean. Before scheduling a day to complete window maintenance, always ensure that you have invested in the correct equipment. Tools such as a squeegee and microfibre cloth are super cost-effective, yet will dramatically simplify the task at hand. If you are window cleaning over the Winter period, don’t forget to wrap up and avoid causing any slipping hazards!

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