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5 Disadvantages of not clean your fascia’s and gutters

As you can’t usually see what is inside of your fascia’s and gutters, you wouldn’t count it as a problem, until you have a bigger problem in your house such as a flood or damp, where the cause is poorly looked after fascia’s and gutters. Here are the 5 biggest disadvantages of not cleaning out your fascia’s and gutters on a regular basis with our building cleaning service.

What are fascia’s and gutters?

A gutter collects all of the rainwater that falls from your roof tiles and guides the, down to the drains, where as a fascia is a board that runs underneath your roof gutters to support the last row of tiles on your roof and to collect all of the guttering.

Ruins look of exterior

If you have fascia’s that are not regularly cleaned, these can build up a green layer of moss, leaving an unattractive look to your house. Your gutters will also affect the exterior look as they will start to weigh down, making them have a broken look to them.

Build-up of moss, leaves, weeds and tile sand

If your house is near a tree or a forest, it is quite likely that leaves and weeds will get stuck in your gutters, clogging up your houses system. As well as leaves, your gutter will have a build-up of moss and tile sand, which could also contribute to the failure of your houses system.


Due to the build-up of excess, your gutters will start to smell of damp, leaving a horrible aroma around your house. This smell could attract all sorts of animals, causing further problems.

Can cause a flood or damp

If you gutter splits or warps, the water in your gutters may leak out, and will cascade down from your gutters into your home, causing damp or a possible flood, depending on how strong your walls and ceiling is.

Gutters can detach from building

As your gutters will build up loads of excess rubbish that is not needed, with the added weight of rain water, after a while your gutters will become too heavy for the screws to handle. Later they might fall off of your property, causes all sorts of major problems for you and your home. Far Reach Services can offer building cleaning to relieve you of any of the problems listed above!

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