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Answering Your Window Cleaning Questions

Window Cleaning seems like a chore when it has to be fulfilled on a regular basis. Many of us just assume that cleaning it once a week with a sponge is the best cleaning solution.

What Are We Discussing?

In this week’s blog, we have come together as a team, and collectively have written problem solving solutions by ‘Answering Your Window Cleaning Questions’. The top five answers are featured below, so let’s not waste any time and crack on with number one…

Question Number One

How regularly should your window Cleaner Come?

As a team, we believed that this question was a tricky one. As many people seem to think they know the right answer. The company did a little research, so we sent our Window Cleaners in Milton Keynes to ask their customers the exact same question. We can honestly say, the most popular answer for this was ‘once a month!’

Although this is an understandable estimate, it is unfortunately the wrong one. The traditional amount of time for your window cleaner to come by is every two weeks. This is so your windows are kept clean and are in presentable condition as frequently as possible.

Question Number Two?

What Is the Cost to get My Window Cleaned?

At Far-Reach-Services, we only offer low competitive and cost effective prices. Although to answer your question, it is more commonly known to spend anywhere between £10 – £15 to get your windows cleaned.

If you are someone to go forth with the idea of getting your windows cleaned every two weeks, then this would only cost you around £30 a month. This way you will be receiving a cost effective, high quality and professional finish look with us.

Question Number Three

Would You Still Clean My Window If it is raining?

Whilst Window Cleaners are almost geniuses at predicting the weather for the week, in most cases than not the weather does not stop us. You will find a common agreement with most Window Cleaners on this one.

Using the latest technology cleaning systems, we are still able to provide you with that high quality service. We clean windows to remove any noticeable and equally important dirt and grime you cannot see. Although some people believe that the rain will wash away any visible dirt, this is not the case as it will only add to it.

Question Number Four

What If you come by, and I’m Not In?

Not to worry! As a company, we pride upon ourselves as being convenient for you. It is extremely understandable that you may be very busy people. And simply our schedules might clash!

At Far-Reach-Services, we work around you. We prefer to conduct a monthly plan where both you and our team come to a recognisable agreement of when it is suitable for you, therefore we can come over and clean your windows.

Question Number Five

Are You Able To Wash Our Windows If They Have Frames?

In most cases, this is not a problem. We have come across many framed windows when conducting our ‘Residential Window Cleaning Services’. As long as the frames itself, are kept in good condition, we are still able to carry out our Window Cleaning duties.

That’s it for this week’s blog covering the issues of your un-answered Window Cleaning questions. We hope this has given you an insight, on we can provide for you. If you think you need our further help, then please feel free to get in contact with us today.

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