How to Maintain your Window Washing

That time of year is coming round where we no longer can put off cleaning our windows. Not even the wintery cold weather can prevent the smear marks on the windows from shining. It’s a job that everyone hates to think about, however if maintained weekly. It hardly becomes a job, think of it as protecting your home! At Far Reach Services, we are experts in knowing how to maintain your window washing.

What can I have?

At Far Reach Services we offer two cleaning services. One being; Commercial Services, and the other being; Residential Services. Confused between the difference? This is where we step in.

  • Commercial – Do you work in an office? Or maybe you’ve drove past one and thought that it looks filthy. The majority of industrial buildings are covered in windows, this is done mainly to enhance the professional aesthetic. Also, to improve the appearance of the exterior of the building. Well…we are experts in cleaning commercial buildings! We are used to seeing some real dirt, trust us. Some of the features of the service are as follows.
  • High Quality Results.
  • Professional and Friendly Team.
  • Great Reputation with customers.
  • Residential – We not only cater for businesses, we too know what it like to have dirty windows at home. Therefore at Far Reach Services in Buckingham, our in house highly trained cleaners clean your windows at home. Not only this, but every service we provide comes with a friendly face and a happy smile. Some of the features of this service are ad follows.
  • Easy to Book Service.
  • Reliable & Dependable team.
  • Fully trained window cleaning technicians.

What should I do?

We’ve now given you two options to choose from, either Commercial or Residential. Now it’s up to you to decide which one would suit your lifestyle the most. After you have done this, we would come, on a schedule that suits you of course, and help you to maintain your window washing.

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