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Not Just Your Average Window Cleaners…

You may be thinking what makes us so different from separating ourselves as being ‘not just your average window cleaners’? Well, we’re going to tell you. Not only do we stand out from leading competitors, but our cost effective prices are a promising touch to our company, but we won’t go in to too much detail just yet. If you want to find out about our practical prices, careful cleaners and stand out services, then take a read at the rest of our article below!

Practical Prices

Your average window cleaning service within the South East area which we are based in, should cost you no more than £15 per house, in some cases you may find that many leading local companies only charge between £6-£9 per house. You come first, we don’t rip off our customers, like you will find most other companies attempt to do, we offer competitive price matching prices so you know you’re getting a fair service with us.

Careful Cleaners

Like we said, we’re not your average window cleaners. All of our window cleaners Milton Keynes are fully accredited and qualified in their field of work. You get the right experts, with the best knowledge and skills, to provide you with the highest quality service you are paying for and deserve. We mentioned before, our customers come first, which is always our number priority. The majority of people assume that window cleaning is easy, start their own business, with no qualifications and have no idea what they are doing, do you want that? If you don’t, then you’ve come to the right place with us!

Stand Out Services

We’re more than just a window cleaners, we provide our services to residential and commercial buildings, sharing our knowledge and skills to a wider setting. Below are a few more services which offer:

I bet if you ask your current window cleaner to clean your conservatory, or even the Fascias and Guttering, they will say no! With us, it’s like second nature. We want to be more than a window cleaning company, and be cleaners who you can rely on and go to with your deserving needs.

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Solutions for window cleaning
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