Leicester Curve Theatre

Window Cleaners Tackle Leicester’s Curve Theatre

Measured at an astonishing 4,500 square metres, window cleaners tackle Leicester’s curve theatre.

See just how the Window Cleaners managed to clean such a large and unique designed building.

About Leicester’s Curve Theatre?

Cladding and glass are just a few of the materials which beautifully make up this marvellous curved theatre, which is situated right in the heart of Leicester. A fairly new building, which was once opened in 2008 by Her Majesty The Queen, acclaimed by architect Rafael Vinoly.

Its curved façade exterior is built up of 1,192 tonnes of steel and 4600m of glass. In 2013 the theatre was awarded a 1 star Industry Green Certificate, recognising their commitment to their management to its Carbon and environmental impacts on its surroundings.

What the Window Cleaners Had to do?

4 strong men volunteered for this exceptional job role of cleaning the exterior windows on the magnificent building, which was a tiresome 2 week job for the foursome. The worth of the building is £60 million pounds, therefore there was an evident amount of pressure on the boy’s hands.

In conjunction to the job being so large, it resulted in the roads outside of the building being closed for the duration of the 2 weeks.

One of the Window Cleaners said “It didn’t help that the building was an unusual shape. We’ll get through a lot of water but we won’t actually use a lot of chemicals”.

With another of the four Window Cleaners stating “It is still a huge job, but we are doing it bit by bit”.

The work which the four men proudly achieved by cleaning Leicester’s very famous curved theatre, is extremely similar to the work which our Window Cleaners in Milton Keynes provide.

Our team have had the pleasure in working on some beautifully architect buildings, and with our experience and expertise within the industry, we were able to provide the customer with astonishing results.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s article, if you have any questions regarding our Commercial Window Cleaning services, feel free to get in contact with our team today.

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