Fined Window Cleaner

Fined Window Cleaner from Sutton

Window Cleaning is a safe hazard job, you will find Window Cleaners working from many heights and buildings, if not trained to use the necessary equipment correctly can lead to devastating results in bad injuries, on both the employees and general public. In this week’s article we talk about a male fined Window Cleaner from Sutton, read below to find out what happened throughout the course of this event.

What Went Down in Sutton?

Ricky Palmer a 32 year man who lives in the town of Sutton was fined for ‘pushing’ a victim to the floor. The incident took place on Friday, March 11 after Ricky had stated that the victim had been “wading in with his steel toecaps” which resulted in the man being pushed to the floor.

Palmer’s barrister insisted that “it was no great harm that he causes” to the victim, John Street. Ricky Palmer appeared at Nottingham Crown Court for his sentencing after he decided to plead guilty of his crime. The Barrister further implied that Ricky was only trying to prevent a break-out from happening, and it wasn’t even his argument in the first place.

It was said to believe that Mr Palmer was trying to build up his own Window Cleaning business within his local town. The case resulted in Palmer being charged with a £500 fine and probably a few less happy customers on his list.

Reliable Window Cleaners

If you’re looking to find a reliable Window Cleaner in Milton Keynes, at Far-Reach Services, we suggest you going for a ligament company who knows exactly what they are doing. Someone who is professional and only wants to provide you with high quality, cost effective Window Cleaning services are definitely the people to go to.

If you acquire further information on the services we provide at Far-Reach, feel free to get in contact with our office team today.

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