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Fined Window Cleaner from Sutton

Window Cleaning is a safe hazard job, you will find Window Cleaners working from many heights and buildings, if not trained to use the necessary equipment correctly can lead to devastating results in bad injuries, on both the employees and general public. In this week’s article we talk about a male fined Window Cleaner from

Window Cleaning Hints & Tips

Window Cleaning is something which is inevitably avoidable, although for some it may seem like a chore, especially during the winter days. It doesn’t have to be! In this week’s article, our team have come together to discuss all our Window Cleaning Hints & Tips. How we can help make it easier, cheaper and more

New House, New Windows?

Congratulations! If you’ve just moved into a new house, this must be a very exciting time for you and your family. You must be planning all the designs in each room already, right? Although with moving into a new house comes continual planning with decorative designs in mind, also comes the factor that everyone tries